BMC Coastal Road Project Survey

Whose Money is it anyway? And Whose Life is it anyway?

BMC is constructing a coastal road from Versova to Nariman Point using the Bandra Worli Sea Link in between.

This coastal road will cost BMC 12,000 Crores including around 1000 Crores as GST.

To take this road and travel to South Bombay, you will have to first go all the way to Versova.

Later an extension of this road has been proposed from Versoava to Ghodbunder. This section will be built by MMRDA at a later date.

The road up to Versoava will be completed by 2022 as per recent news reports.

The date for completion of extension is unknown as of now.

The Bandra Versova section and the other city section is just 9.8 Kilometer and will cost 12,000 Crores.

The Versoava Ghodbunder Section, which is 33 Kilometers should thus cost nothing less than 3 times this amount, say around 36,000 Crores.

Thus BMC and MMRDA will spend 48,000 Crores for creating a road used by cars, an elitist mode of passenger transport.

But BMC + MMRDA will not give that 48,000 Crores rupees now to Indian Railways to improve the Western and Central Suburban Lines where the railways packs 5000 people into a train meant for 900 people.

If there is 20% corruption in the contract, then BMC and MMRDA will make 9,600 Crores out of this coastal road which may end up as a ghost road going by the increasing cost of petrol and diesel.

BMC has assured that coastal road from Versova to Bandra will not be a toll road but there is no such assurance from others.

And Nariman Point and in fact South Bombay is almost dead as a business destination and office destination.

This is what happens when there is no single authority that takes decisions for integrated development of the city.

To get the BMC and other authorities stop this madness, IAD will file a public interest litigation.

Please take time to fill this form if this road development affects you and you are staying in the MMRDA area or anywhere in Mumbai / Navi Mumbai.