The aims and objects to be pursued by the Society are –

  1. Ensuring that any elected government of any political party works strictly within the framework of our constitution as originally envisaged and amended from time to time through proper legal amendments.

  2. Ensure that there is no executive action that is ultra-vires of the letter and spirit of the constitution.

  3. To bring people together under one roof of the association as an apolitical entity and in large numbers such as to give a voice to the people in real time rather than once every five years.

  4. To work as a checks and balance system that works along with other checks and balance systems already present in the constitution of India.

  5. It is increasingly noticed that the white ants of corruption are eating away at the innards of Indian democracy and that national wealth is being plundered and salted away to foreign shores by the people who come to govern the nation in connivance with rich masters that fund the politician’s elections. Thus there is a great need for reform in the electoral system beyond the imagination of the original writers of the constitution of India. The association will work towards bringing all such reforms that restore the letter and spirit of the constitution and make it once again by the people, of the people and for the people through any elected government that governs the country at that point in time or through accessing the legal remedies available in the judicial system from time to time.

  6. To organize people at every level of existence, village, tehsil, district, state and national level to spread awareness about the rights and duties of every citizen as enshrined in the Constitution of India as amended from time to time such as to be a large enough association to challenge any institution of the government through proper legal forum as and when there is a danger of the government or its institutions going astray and acting against the interest of the people due to ulterior motives of the government occupying the seat of governance.