The Orbit of Corruption

Corruption, it can be said without doubt, is a scrounge for mankind. Corruption affects all of us. When any facility for the masses is created and it involves financial corruption then invariably the quality suffers. This is because to win the contract in the first place, the vendor has to be L1 (lowest bidder for the work specified).

If you peel the onion of corruption, you will find that it eventually leads to the process of elections to bodies that decide on common infrastructure development.

But you will also notice that some leaders remain in the orbit of decision making bodies even though they have lost elections and have become virtual nobodies. How does this happen?

This is where the orbit of corruption comes into play. Once you have entered the orbit, once you have corrupted someone and that someone has corrupted someone else, it becomes impossible to remove any of the players from the orbit. They are they people who are in the know.

Recently Sharad Pawar gave a clean chit to Narendra Modi on the Rafale Deal. Sharad Pawar, although a big gun in politics and a member of the orbit, did not realize the recoil effect of his statement. Sharad Pawar is by no stretch of imagination a clean politician. He is rumored to own huge properties all over Maharashtra and is a veteran in cooperatives which dote the landscape. Sharad Pawar may have had his own compulsions to give a clean chit to Modi on the Rafale deal but ever since he gave that interview to a Marathi News Channel, he has been going around doing damage control trying to backtrack on his statement.

Due to rapidly changing political scenario, there was a possibility, however remote, that Sharad Pawar could be a candidate of the combined opposition for the PM’s post should the Congress led combine win the 2019 elections. But now he seems to have shot himself in the foot by speaking up for Modi. There can be no denying the fact that Rafale is a botched up deal and massive corruption has taken place in the deal. Thus for Pawar to come up and say maybe Modi is not personally involved in the deal gave a handle to BJP to mount a counter attack on the combined opposition that had managed to isolate BJP on the deal.

Maybe Pawar was under threat or some favor was called in asking him to give support to a beleaguered Modi.

It is for people to recognize the people who have entered this orbit of corruption and fight them tooth and nail. Some bogus anti-corruption crusaders like Anna Hazare, etc. have queered the pitch for genuine activists that take on the mighty, but the task is clearly cut out and the fight must go on. We have to look for people with high degree of integrity spanning their whole life and then to support them in this unequal fight, for corruption has deep pockets and the ‘system’, a well oiled machine, will do its best to fight back. Disinformation will be used to discredit those fighting the system, we need to learn to separate wheat from the chaff and go for root cause understanding of the malice. Businessmen and corporations are equally to blame for corrupting the system and they need to be named and shamed instead of being feted and awarded….


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  1. India is on the way to loose its sovereign power or Independent nation at all.

    Don’t forget, this was the congress party which invented a monster machine that is known as EVM to control over democracy. And now both are selecting the puppet type oppositions and leaders who don’t have real connection among the masses. Such type of leaders will actually do in the parliament as per direction given by the prime leaders of BJP or Congress.

    On the second stage, the government (BJP and Congress both because both are the different faces of the same coin) enforced everybody for Aadhar Enrollment and linking Aadhar No. to all services for mass level of surveillance. Interestingly facial recognition based CCTV cameras are being installed in some of cities of India and these will be linked with Aadhar data bank for real time monitoring or surveillance in near future. Two bills are also pending in the parliament to make India as a surveillance state which are DNA Profilling bill ( in which every individual DNA will be synchronized with respective Aadhar number) and One nation election bill (through which the regional parties will be abolished ).

    Again the government (Both BJP and Congress) is doing profiling of the people of India on the basis of caste (census 2021), for further purposely discrimination by weakening of public delivery services (school, hospital, law & Order etc), putting more CCTV camera for greater level of surveillance in areas where lower caste population will be more. Although most of the regional political parties (voice of SC/ST and OBCs) will support the caste based census because of their ignorance and caste based vote politics. Their top leader are unaware about the profiling techniques and the actual motives of upcoming 2021 census (which will never be released as like 2011 socio economic census).

    Precisely and probably the top leaders of these two parties (BJP and Congress) are nothing but agents of foreign agencies like UN, CIA and Mosad and having already prepared plan to depopulate this country using weapon for mass destruction like geo engineering & geo economic warfare, microwave radiation etc ( and to hand over all the natural resources in the hand of Big MNCs as per UN agenda 21/2030. Please click the link for better understanding of Ideological Subversion Tactics as described by Yuri Bezmenov (defected KGB agent) and read the book to understand what is the agenda 21 for global control as described in the book Behind the Green Mask: U.N. Agenda 21 written by Rosa Koire (…/dp/0615494544 )

    Very shortly there will be no Citizen (having Rights) in any country, The people will become Slave of the State having only national duties but No Rights and Freedom of expression against the government’s action, agenda, plan or policy.

    Welcome to the New World Order friends.
    Note :- 2019 General Election will be last chance to stop this…/cia-aur-mosad-ki-hindustan-p……/chinas-new-tool-for-social… process.…/a-look-at-chinas-orwellian-plan……/money-matters/cid/1669996

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