If you think Congress is going to be any better please remember;

1. GST was a Congress bill.
2. FDI was a Congress initiative.
3. Digital India (Aadhar) was a Congress Initiative.
4. Jan Dhan Yogna was Congress initiative.
5. Toll Roads were a Congress gift to India.
6. Bank Loans that have turned NPA happened during UPA2.
7. Farmer Insurance Plans were started by Congress.
8. Service Tax was increased from 4% to 12.36% under Congress.
9. Swacch Bharat was Nirmal Bharat under Congress.
10. National Pension scheme was a Congress initiative.

and many more.

So, if you bring back Congress, don’t expect much to change. GST will continue, so will FDI, Aadhar Card was a Congress initiative under Digital India, Bank accounts were opened for the poor under Congress, Modi just accelerated the process to mop up small amounts lying with poor Indians such that they could refinance the tottering banking system and give more money to the rich. Toll roads under PPP will continue and so will other government responsibilities like Hospital Services will be shifted to the PPP model.

Bank loans recovery remains doubtful and the rich have used legal loopholes to protect themselves from certain jail.

Farmer insurance has only benefited the insurance companies.

Service tax is now GST and increased to 18% so don’t expect any roll back.

And NPS loot will continue as government mandates 40% of NPS corpus to be invested in risky stock markets, allowing people to siphon off the money. That is what happened in US in 2008 when people suddenly found that their 401(K) pension benefits had disappeared because of stock market crash.

So to think that Congress will be able to change the course of the nation is a false belief unless they put out in writing a plan of reversal.

Which they will not because they are just waiting for BJP to collapse under its own contradictions and people voting them not as a change but as the only other alternative.

Voting for them as the only other alternative would be like swinging on a pendulum from one extreme to another.

Aur phir se hamara ghanta hi bajega.

4 Replies to “If you think Congress is going to be any better please remember;”

  1. Then what according to you people should do ?
    What you have said is substantially true but you have not suggested any solution.

  2. The Congress under Dr. Manmohan Singh brought in neoliberalism. Many public sector units including IDPL, HMT, HEC, etc were disinvested for a song. Even Congress members objected to selling the “family silver.” I was with Jean Dreze and others to get a proper NREGA. P. Chidambaram and Manmohan Singh opposed it but Sonia Gandhi pushed the policy through. But instead of 1000 mandays it dropped to 400 days. The rural poor have really suffered.

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