How to stop people from asking what BJP did in the time between 2014 and now?

1. Start postponing everything to 2022.
2. Start saying there is no alternative to Modi.
3. Start saying that BJP will target to win 350 seats in 2019.
4. Start showing surveys BJP getting 349 seats.
5. Keep lynchings going on.
6. Keep focus on Triple Talaq.
7. Keep Gau Rakhsha on top priority.
8. Keep talking about Mandir.
9. Keep talking about Hindu Khatre Mein Hai.
10. Keep talking abour rapid Muslim population growth.
11. Keep people busy with useless reforms.
12. Keep telling people nothing happened in 60 years.
13. Keep telling people that everything will happen by 2022.
14. Keep running an IT-Cell that spreads these messages.
15. Keep taking money from company’s to win the next election.
16. Keep trying to start religious riots in non-BJP states.
17. Keep shifting all goalposts.
18. Keep fomenting trouble and emerge as saviors.
19. Keep the media under the thumb.
20. Keep paying media for writing what you want.
21. Keep sending government agencies after any dissenter.
22. Keep squeezing balls of corrupt outside BJP.
23. Keep giving protection to corrupt inside BJP.
24. Keep talking about corruption but not appoint Lokpal.
25. Keep Saying Bharat Mata ki Jai, Vande Mataram, Jai Shri Ram.

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  1. The only thing BJP achieved in these years is to expose what lot of educated hypocrites and hate mongering morons exist in soceity.I don’t blame the BJPigs,but only the fools who elect them.

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