Senior Citizen Scam by Indian Railways!


Under the Modi government, Indian Railways is trying to trick Senior Citizens into buying rail tickets at the full rate, instead of the concessional rate for Senior Citizens. The trick works as follows:


While booking train tickets online through IRCTC, a screen appears with an option for the Senior Citizens to give up the concession so far availed. The screen comes with two options:

“OK to give up the concession”; and,
“Cancel to proceed booking with concession”.

Usually, people are in the habit of pressing OK. So, Senior Citizens could easily get tricked into paying the full rate.

If a Senior Citizen wants to buy the ticket at concessional rate, then, the option to choose is “Cancel to proceed booking with concession”.

5 Replies to “Senior Citizen Scam by Indian Railways!”

  1. This is a serious one, not just because it is a scam but because it involves Sr. citizens, who deserve maximum empathy and compassion. Another reason is the way they have been “tricked” into this. One can not expect them to be so alert so as to understand the catch behind those words. Sr. citizens are already being pushed into a corner by current govt with the reduced interest on savings, lesser rebate and last but not the least the ever increasing cost of living. Are we going to take this into a shape of a petition and make the railways correct their options? I strongly think we should.

  2. As long as politicians continue to enjoy all types of privileges, the government has no moral right to discontinue various concessions given to the citizens. Any such attempt to deny citizens various concessional benefits is immorality on the part of the government.

  3. Actually, Public is the source of income. MLAs/MPs/Ministers must be asked at the time of oath especially who have more assets than average citizen that what concessions(LPG, flights, train tickets, Pension, etc) ready to surrender. ….
    Er Suresh Chandra

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