National Ambulance Project

(picture used for representational purposes only)

According to the 2011 census of India, 68.84% of Indians (around 833.1 million people) live in 640,867 different villages. The size of these villages varies considerably. 236,004 Indian villages have a population of fewer than 500, while 3,976 villages have a population of 10,000+.

Thus putting one ambulance in every village will give a boost to the automobile industry by pumping in 640,867 ambulances into the system.

If each ambulance costs 12 to 15 Lakhs, the automobile industry will get a boost of 77,000 Crores to 96,000 Crores at the lower end and upper end of the price.

It will also generate jobs directly for 4 people per ambulance, one driver, one assistant and two paramedics.

Thus the simple act of giving one ambulance per village will generate employment for 25,63,468 people.

The payment for the ambulance staff can be shared between the panchayat, the state government and the central government.

The funding for the project can be shared between the center and state government.

And the beauty of the whole project is that the money will remain within the country as vehicles will be manufactured in India and people will be paid in India.

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