What is my grouse with Modi?

First is that he represents everything that is wrong with creating a Hindu Rashtra. Being brought up in the defense background, I have always had friends of all walks of life and we have never ever thought on caste, creed, religion, color of skin lines. We saw our parents only as soldiers that were ready to put their lives on line for protecting the nation from any outside assault.

Thus this whole program of hating anyone other than Hindus does not gel with me. I will protect the secular nature of our constitution till my last breath. Because I see no other option for our much diversified country. We are Indians first.

Second is his ascent to power based on a bagful of lies. He has lied through his teeth about everything since the beginning of his political career. He lied about the Gujarat Model while taking bribes from all and sundry (but in this he is not alone, almost all politicians across party lines take bribes to run the system and almost all politicians lie too).

Third is total disdain for the democratic process. He may speak about the need to decentralize but as can be seen, everything other than decentralization has happened ever since he has come to power. In fact all ministers are just puppets in the cabinet and nobody dare open their mouths in front of him for he has a file on everyone (and others who he has not jailed as yet, like Congress leaders, have a file on him, therefore it is a Mexican Standoff between the two).

Fourth is that He is in-your-face with total contempt. He made Amit Shah, an accused in Fake Encounters as BJP Party President, he appointed retired bureaucrats to positions of power within PMO and has brought most of his trusted officers from Gujarat to hold top positions in the Government. He has no consideration for what the people will say. He gets only worried when the foreign press talks bad about him, like when they started writing about Lynching due to Cow Protection mafia, he stepped back and called the states to action. He has centralized all power in his own hands and the collective decision making of the cabinet has been thrown to the wind.

Fifth is that he is running a corrupt government that uses money from crony capitalists. These capitalists are his front companies/ his partnerships or maybe he is getting huge amount of money from them to run his government. Here too he is in your face and carries his relationship with the crony capitalists quite openly almost challenging the public to go screw themselves.

Sixth is the inability or capability of doing anything good for the people of India. He is completely driven by using the electoral power to work for his cronies and has the confidence that he can or will be able to buy out the poor voters at the time of election or create enough dissension between other parties to emerge as the single largest party.

These are all dangerous portents. These are the things that we need to fight. These are the things that we need to educate our people at the grass root level. These are the things that people should realize before it is 2019. Or may be earlier as he may try to ride a successful decision to electoral victory.

For unless the last Indian is economically free, our country will never be free.

2 Replies to “What is my grouse with Modi?”

  1. What comments can anybody make when you have expressed your views so passionately like a true patriot that you are ! We can only say that you are not alone but we are with you in this pious purpose to fight for the grace of the nation !
    हर करम अपना करेंगे अय वतन तेरे लिए
    दिल दिया है जान भी देंगे अय वतन तेरे लिए ।।
    जयहिंद !!!

  2. You have expressed what all I have felt I support your views fully and agree with u totally…Sir…a good job though am sure it may appear to most unthankful but know this you are not alone ….

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