Education changes job profiles….

Italian cheese is considered to be great. But some time back the Italians were hit by a labor crisis. The kids of master craftsmen who made cheese went abroad and acquired higher education that made them give up the cheese making industry.

This created an opportunity for migrants to be employed by these master craftsmen. Some of these migrants were from the state of Punjab. These migrants went to Italy and became master craftsmen themselves in the method of making cheese.

Later on these migrants, who became the trusted friends of the Italians, took their families to Italy.

Over time, the children of these Sikh Migrants too went abroad to acquire higher educational qualifications thus they too gave up on the cheese making factories.

Similarly, the children of the Gujarati and Marwadi small shop keepers are acquiring higher education and are giving up on the Mom-And-Pop stores that their parents were running. They too are looking for jobs in better sectors. Jobs that provide for a better salary, lifestyle commensurate with their qualifications.

Over time, the small mom-and-pop stores will disappear as increasingly more people get ‘educated’. It is the current under-educated crop of people that are running these stores. Maybe these educated children will start working in a store run by a chain of stores but they will no longer want to run their own stores.

Who would want to run their own business where the government thinks that you are a thief anyway?

I think we are heading towards a society where more people will be wage slaves and where opportunities are likely to shrink.

Education and Automation are going to be the big game changers in the jobs scenario.

Therefore it becomes important for children to acquire a real world skill, like ability to cook, ability to cut hair, ability to make and mend shoes, ability to sing and dance, etc. These abilities will come handy for survival as things pan out.

But in the long run I may be dead wrong. And in the long run I am going to be dead anyway…..

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