BJP Back to Time Tested Formula for Gujarat 2017 Elections.

It seems the BJP is once again banking on Muslim hatred to get it to win Gujarat elections.

But Gujarat is 93% Hindu. Of the brave type.

Then do they have reason to fear the balance 7% of the poor types? Which include the Khoja/Bohra/Memon community which are anyways not a threat to the majority?

Also there is a 20% Koli Community in Gujarat that comes under OBC’s, what about them? They are not Hindus strictly speaking.

Then there are Dalits.

But when it comes to elections everyone except the Muslims become Hindus and later only the upper caste remains as a Hindu.

Good use of caste and religion politics to win an election.

In a country that is created as a secular nation.

If BJP has done great development in Gujarat then why not contest the elections on the plank of development? Why not showcase the famous Gujarat Model? Why fall back on religion?

This shows the real ‘Chaal Charitra and Chehra’ of the BJP.

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  1. That’s true, but then people must understand this and do the needful, to see that their votes go to a proper party not BJP !

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