A Solemn Pledge

In January 2017, much before the formation of Individuals for Actualization of Democracy, I had drafted a pledge, which goes as under;

I take a pledge.

That I will always put the nation first.
That I will work towards separating religion and the state and protest whenever the ‘State’ tries to mix religion in the affairs of the nation.
That I will treat every Indian as equal irrespective of his caste, creed, religion, color or place of stay.
That I will treat all women with utmost respect and do everything within my power to protect them under all circumstances.
That I will work towards the uplifting of every Indian no matter where he/she stays or works and all my actions will be driven by this one single goal.
I will work actively to keep religion away from all my actions and will keep my religion a private affair. I will respect all religions and those who do not profess any religion.
That I will work towards creating a one single unified India not separated by boundaries of language.
That I will work towards good neighborly relations with nations that touch our boundaries and with all nations of the world treating their citizens as brothers and sisters that occupy the same time and space on this planet earth.
I will work tirelessly for the downtrodden and actively shun caste based considerations.
I will work to protect the interest of the marginalized of our country and work for their interest.
I will protect the environment as it is something that we have borrowed from our children.

As a whole I will be a good citizen of the country and uphold its laws as enshrined in its constitution.

It still retains its significance….

Vinod Chand

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