MP Government arrests Hardik Patel on way to Mandsaur


After having prevented Rahul Gandhi, Congress Vice-President, from visiting riot affected areas of Mandsaur, the MP Government has now also arrested Patel Agitation Leader Hardik Patel for the same reasons.

Hardik Patel was on his way to meet the family of the farmers shot dead in a police action on a protest held on 6th June 2017. Hardik Patel was arrested and then later released on bail.

He was bundled into police vehicle and taken outside the MP state border by the police. Others accompanying him met the same fate.

It is a crying shame that the government is doing its utmost to suppress the rights of citizens in even expressing solidarity with farmers. And on the other hand, the Chief Minister of MP sat on a sham of a fast-unto-death which he called off just after 24 hours citing that farmers were happy now.

Indeed if the farmers were happy, why prevent people from meeting them Mr. CM? What is there to fear when they are happy?

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