Police crackdown begins in violence-hit epicenter of MP farmers’ protest

Srinivas Srini writes on IAD Facebook Timeline

Gujarat Model of Crackdown??
On the one hand Shivaraj Chauhan is doing Drama by going on a Fast while behind the scenes Cops are Instilling Fear, Traumatizing Farmers, and Creating Panic.

Farmers are scared to come out of their Houses.
“More than 50 men in blue uniform in four vehicles came to the village with two policemen from the local police station and started beating people mercilessly,” says a villager.

“Police are making rounds of the village, two or three times a day. We are not venturing out in the open out of fear,” says a youth.

A man who is a contractual teacher in a neighboring district unbuttons his shirt to show us deep blue marks left on his back by police canes.

“This is how they are beating us. They dragged out some young kids from their homes but their mothers fell on the feet of RAF and they let go of the kids. It was a terrifying moment for all of us,” he says, recalling events of June 8, the first day security forces visited the village.

Where have all the Politicians, who tried to make Political Capital of Farmer Protests, disappeared?

Have we let down our Farmers again?

Why is mainstream media not covering this brutality?

Police crackdown begins in violence-hit epicentre of MP farmers’ protest

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